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Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, each day we face numerous choices; some simple, some complex. As you or your business make your own individual choices, we can uniquely ensure that you are continually protected by A2B which has developed leading security solutions.

A2B uses proven Voice Certification (Voice Verification), DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), and GPS (Global Positioning System) with our range of services to protect a wide range of assets - From the physical, to mobile and e-commerce data our technology protects. It demonstrates cutting edge military-level technology, to offer you protection which is simple to use, delivering the ultimate security solution for your requirements.

DNA Security
GPS systems
Your Complete Security Solution

Company Overview

Established in response to the ever changing business and personal security demands of the modern world in e-commerce (mobile – cellular) and the real world conditions it now populates, A2B is a premium quality supplier of;

  • Voice Certification that hold patent and IP rights
  • Real DNA Security solutions that hold patent and IP rights
  • GPS, DVB-H, TV signal location drawn from work with the co-architect of the original GPS system
  • Security specifics to the travel, originally developed for business sports personalities
  • Telecommunications Mobile, land, web developed whilst supplying high profile sports personalities
  • 3D site and building rendering into real world map environments (see the location as it appears in real world)
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Industry Sectors

  • Construction Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics (land, port, sea and air)
  • Recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Police
  • Lone worker
  • International trade


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