A2B Company Overview

Established in response to the ever changing business and personal security demands of the modern world we populates, A2B is a premium quality supplier of;

  • Voice Certification that hold patent and IP rights
  • icon-dna-20Real DNA Security solutions that hold patent and IP rights
  • GPS drawn from extensive work with the co-architect of the original GPS system
  • Security services specific to the traveler, originally developed for sports personalities
  • Telecommunications Mobile, land, web developed whilst supplying high profile sports personalities
  • icn-3d-203D site and building rendering into real world map environments (see the location as it appears in real world)

Experience supporting the sports, logistics, recycling, construction markets over several decades highlighted the need for; a simple to use solution across multiple hardware software applications.

The company is able to utilise its wealth of experience and expertise in numerous sectors a few examples

  • Security
  • Mobile – fixed line operations
  • Web – e-commerce
  • Legal
  • NGO and government departments
  • Construction Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics (land, port, sea and air)
  • Recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Police
  • Lone worker
  • International trade

Our shareholder and management daily involvement ensures that customers receive not only the very best solution for their needs but also the most cost effective.

We have built a reputation for providing unrivaled, proactive and personal customer support and growth by recommendation and reputation for service.

Based throughout the world, we have a dedicated team of account managers who are on hand to respond needs both in and out of normal business hours. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to meet and exceed expectation.

Our expertise, specialist knowledge and focus on customer service are some of the reasons why many of our customers have come to rely on us to provide mobile, IT and technology solutions for their business using our unique proven solutions. We offer a tailored consultancy service to help you with daily security problems “it’s only a problem until it receives the right solution” through to bespoke applications for multinational operations that deliver a future proof solution.