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Leaving home or work?

You probably have a wallet, purse or a bag – add a mobile, notebook, laptop, a mix or all of them when travelling abroad then add luggage and the various travel documents and other valuables.

Tag Along Solution

With a small attachment our tag along solution enables you can to keep items safe without having to spend your day constantly watching them. However take all reasonable steps, prevention is always better than cure. If someone tries to remove an item you are immediately alerted allowing you to respond quickly.

The solution will also notify the system via other subscribers of the service if items have been removed from your person, without using any of their data or disclosing any personal data. This uses them as signal points – all to help with the recovery of any removed goods – making it even more powerful.

Bags and other goods transported by baggage handling services, further benefit by notifying you when the items arrive into the baggage reclaim area. This saves you valuable time when travelling in needing to search the conveyor constantly?

The tags can be used time and again and when the tag finally requires replacing, your replacement tags are supplied with a 30% discount* (*terms and conditions apply).

Personal Alarm

Working with one of the first manufacturers of personal safety alarms, we have developed a select cost-effective group of products that send out an alarm that attract others to your current situation.

You can alert your named contacts if you are in distress and require assistance, or can notify an alarm response centre for an additional charge.

Mobile Device

Today the mobile device has become a basic necessity of your busy life. With this, it also has areaswhich should be treated with caution – social media and Geotag services are routinely being blended into terms and conditions.

  1. Do you mind others knowing what you do, who you know and what you look like?

Personal details that could be used as a means of identifying who you are to others, your bank for example?

  1. Do you use a tagging or Geo Location service wrapped up in your mobile/social app? (Unlike our Tag Along service which is unique to you). The details in the first question combined with your location might make you think twice about what you’re actually agreeing too!

Unfortunately lots of services automatically activate all options instead of giving you a simple choice to activate as you require. This is a data mining exercise in the guise of helping you.

Embassy/Credit/Bank Cards/Travel insurance

Whilst the banking and travel industry have consistently made improvements in security measures and the services they provide, we all have personal experiences where a little help can go a long way. If you choose to utilise our A2B Voice Certification services you can also opt to use our Voice Certification Travel service.

You simply make a free call to our help desk who will advise your named contacts ie. Authorities, family, doctors etc. of your situation – as set out in the terms and conditions of use.

Should you find yourself without ID or other methods of identification, a simple call to us will confirm your identity – who may need a new passport or visa to be supplied.


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