A2B Voice Certification

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The theft of personal details whilst using the internet continues to grow across all areas. The efforts to protect data has grown into a multimillion $ industry in its own right.

A major outlet with over several thousand stores had 45 million records of customers stolen with a laptop wireless antenna and a LAN adapter costing less than $1500. He simply found a user name and password from outside the head office. This could have been prevented with Voice Certification.

In 2009 research into internet, 60% of associated breaches of data showed were in the financial sector.

In the physical world daily breaches of building security with ever more expensive and complex security still fail the customer resulting in theft, downtime, repairs and increased insurance premiums.

The Demonstration area allows you to record your voice and see it in application; once registered with minimal details a test link will be forwarded to you. The purpose of this is to show you how easy it is to complete a transaction using your voice.

By clicking on the link you will be directed to a purchase demonstration site (what you buy is via a virtual purchase only) once selected and confirmed you receive a call to confirm it is you making the purchase.

All we need you to do is complete the form and we will then call you back immediately.

Please ensure you are in a quiet area where you will not be interrupted, you can then hear the call clearly. Enrollment takes less than two minutes.

You enrol once and then you can purchase an item virtually to test as many times as you like, it’s that simple! Once registered you can use across all areas as a method of confirming irrevocably your identification: No more frustrations of remembering passwords, password prompts and the other vunerable and inflexible methods of identification, your voice is with you to use at your discretion!

  • Internet
  • Access control
  • Authorized user control
  • Transactions